Service Overview

In some situations it may not be viable or may be impossible to get power to your work site due to its remote location or for other reasons. In this situation an off grid power system may well be a great option for you rather than running a generator continuously or as required.Our Engineers will work with you to design a system to meet your energy demands, while offering specialist advise on ways to reduce your energy usage, which will reduce the cost of the off grid system required.

Lemorio Energy provides turnkey solutions for off-grid applications. Off-grid/island systems generally consist of a renewable energy source, a battery bank and a back-up generator, when necessary. Depending on the site’s potential, sun and/or wind can be used as a primary energy source. Lemorio´s off-grid systems are containerised, modular, and scalable ultimately allowing us to customise a system for your power needs

PV Solar on Warehouse and Logistics Operation
PV Solar on Lodges and Hotels
PV Solar on Schools
PV Solar on Dairy Farm Operation
PV Solar on Dairy Farm Operation
Solar Water pumping