Power Backup is a must when it comes to sensitive electronic equipment; be it IT Systems in the workplace or Home Televisions and Audio equipment. At Lemorio energy we supply electrical backup solutions in the form of UPS, Inverters and Backup generators. Whether you require standby power, emergency power or a Uninterruptible power, we provide tailor-made solutions for your specific needs to effectively protect your electronic equipment and ensure a seamless transfer of power from one utility to the backup power source. Our UPS and Inverter ranges include, Standby, Line-Interactive and Full On-line Sine-wave systems ranging from 400 Va to 150 kVa applications. With Electrical Power becoming more of an issue in Africa, Lemorio energy has aligned with major players in the generator supply field and offer power generation solutions from basic single phase units to standard and silent run 500 KVA diesel 3-phase units. We offer full maintenance agreements on all of our Power backup equipment.


A generator petrol or diesel, is for most of the application and requirements still the lowest cost initial investment. a 5-6 kVA generator today will cost , for the amount of power it delivers (6kW) and the ease to add nearly unlimited energy source at anytime (petrol), makes this a very attractive solution. A 5-6 kVA generator is also big enough to run most of the emergency convenient required items for both houses and small to medium sized business during a load shedding.


An Uninterruptible Power Suppply provides an emergency backu-up power source in the event of the mains supply either failing or dropping.There are of course sevaral reasons why we may need backup power,notably a break in the electricity supply or hardware failure .Either event can be catastrophic if we are using our PC or running a server but a UPS that kicks in immediately can prevent damaging loss of data.


Inverters offer sizable capacity for power backup.They can support most appliances in the home or office,including heavy power users like air conditioners and deep freezers when power fails,the swicthover is not only automatic but also instant and seamless.With our inverter solution,you need no extra investment in UPS as the unit is designed to serve both purpose.