The Our series of solar water heaters have been designed and developed according to the latest technologies available for solar thermal systems. Production is done in a TUV and ISO certified factory ensuring quality control throughout the process. This has resulted in highly efficient heating units.

These water heating systems are ideal for the energy conscious consumer with a desire to save recurrent bills for electricity or other heating sources. With high quality, tried, tested and qualified components, our systems come with standard five years guarantee. Once installed, the user can enjoy free hot water from the sun for not less than 15 years on average.

Systems are available from 150L up to 10,000L. We therefore recommend their use in family houses, hotels, schools, hospitals and other conceivable places that may have demand for hot water. Our specialized design and installation techniques ensure that each user gets the best system for his / her requirements. Low / high flow demands depending on application are easily catered for by standard and optional accessories that accompany our systems.

Solar water heaters provide an alternative that is safe to use, pocket and environment-friendly.
These systems provide hot water on demand and throughout the year.
A solar heater has an average service life of about twenty years.
All our solar heaters come with standard five years guarantee.
In any setup whether domestic, institutional or industrial, hot water is essential for daily operations.